What does Yapendo mean?

Yapendo means “Auntie / Godmother” in Fufuldé, one of Cameroon’s local languages.

Yapendo’s Mission

Yapendo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to support, inspire and empower young women, while enhancing their impact in their local communities. Our goal is to create and implement in girls the spirit of self-confidence, self-responsibility and above all initiative for their own development.

How does Yapendo work?

Yapendo intervenes through mentoring programs to create an interpersonal relationship of support, assistance, exchange and learning between mentors and mentees.

Yapendo is by means of awareness through:

  • Educational meetings;
  • Debates
  • Conferences;
  • Training seminars;
  • Etc…

Objectives of our Programs

  • Educate girls to the interest of education, vocational training (or learning a trade).
  • Assist in the development of young girls distressed by social assistance and especially moral
  • Train and inform girls about problems with sexual health and reproduction, nutrition and hygiene, self-respect, life skills, civic responsibility and the relationship between men and women …

Yapendo aims to promote education and supervision of the girl to make it capable of adopting responsible behavior enabling it to achieve both personally and professionally and to act positively in its local community.

You can take a look at our current curriculum here.

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